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Testing & Monitoring

Testing and Monitoring

Testing and monitoring often serve as the basis for understanding the condition of a component or system.

An essential part of condition management is about determining the condition of an asset in an unambiguous and useful manner. Whether it concerns the material properties of a component or the integrity of an entire system, DEKRA Rail can carry out a measurement to enable a relevant condition survey.

New, in use or considerably worn
A condition measurement is appropriate in different stages of the life cycle of an asset. In the case of a new asset, it is a good idea to record the condition for later reference, or to carry out a check of the delivered goods. Signs of wear start to appear after a period of time and the speed of decline of the condition at the current rate can be estimated for the first time. At the end of the life cycle a condition survey is appropriate in order to determine the right time for an overhaul or replacement.

Destructive or non-destructive, internal or external, one-off or repeated
We have a wide range of measuring methods for testing materials and systems. This work can take place in one of our laboratories or out on site. Material, mechanical, electrical or tribological measurements can be tested.

A one-off condition survey can sometimes suffice and sometimes a condition must be tracked over a period of time or permanently monitored as part of a maintenance programme. In that case, we can develop a custom monitoring system or recommend a system that is available on the market.


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