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Asset managers and maintainers rolling stock

wheelset maintenance

Asset management and maintenance are undergoing a major process of professionalisation. A while ago you adopted PAS55 and now you are considering what ISO 55000 can do for you. You know better than a few years ago the contribution your fleet makes to the performance of your organisation. But what is the desired condition to go with this performance? And how can you best chart the risks inherent in a poor technical condition? How can you protect yourself against these risks in the best possible way? The right choices are crucial when it comes to maintenance operations, maintenance and overhaul schedules and when drafting specifications in the event of replacement.

Why do the wheels of one fleet wear out more quickly than those of another? Why does this gear housing not make its overhaul interval? How can the faults in the traction system or the safety system be explained?

Another subject likely to concern you is the transfer to ETCS. How can you be sure you are making the right choices in the scheduled conversion and how can proper functioning of these systems be demonstrated on the different tracks where your rolling stock must go?

You can contact DEKRA Rail in relation to these, and many more, questions.


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