Partnership DEKRA Rail and TuMotus

"Together we are stronger on the market"

DEKRA Rail and TuMotus have been working together since 2016. But the joint tender for Trafikverket, Sweden, has put the partnership between the companies officially on the map. DEKRA Rail director Jean-Paul van Hengstum and TuMotus director Huub Strooij talk about their biggest milestone so far, and what a good partnership entails.

Huub Strooij en Jean-Paul van Hengstum

Who is TuMotus?

The German TuMotus does similar assessment work as DEKRA Rail, but with a focus on hardware and software for railway control systems. Another difference? TuMotus holds no recognition as NoBo. Huub: "Obtaining the NoBo status is expensive and not profitable for a small company like we are. In addition, the NoBo status does not exist in Germany. Instead, this role is reserved for EBC. Through the cooperation with DEKRA Rail we are able to provide our customers’ assessments with NoBo certificates."

Old acquaintances

Jean-Paul and Huub have known each other for a long time. "We were colleagues during our first project in the 90s in Singapore," Jean-Paul recalls. The two lost sight of each other for a while. Until Jean-Paul was appointed as director at DEKRA Rail in 2016. Huub: "At that time I was looking for other NoBo’s to work with, so the first step towards DEKRA Rail was soon taken."

Crowning glory

Since then, DEKRA Rail has involved TuMotus experts in a number of projects and vice versa. A good start, but both parties wanted more. Luckily, this wish came true when a jointly arranged offer for Trafikverket, for the certification and assessment of the rollout of ERTMS in Sweden, became successful. Jean-Paul: "For the first time we really jointly participated in a tender and together we submitted a proposal to Trafikverket. It was the confirmation of a fruitful partnership. "

"On our own we probably wouldn't have succeeded."

Support Sweden with ERTMS roll-out

The joint tender resulted in success! Trafikverket, the Swedish road and railway infrastructure manager, has the ambition to convert the entire Swedish rail network to ERTMS by 2035. A huge project, in which TuMotus and DEKRA Rail are now jointly involved. DEKRA Rail (with its Swedish and Dutch team) for the local service of the customer, and in the role as NoBo, while TuMotus focuses on the assessment of the ETCS hardware and software. Huub: "On our own we probably wouldn’t have succeeded. Together we are really stronger on the market and this project for Trafikverket is proof of that."

On the same page

The most important aspect of the cooperation between DEKRA Rail and TuMotus is mutual trust. Huub: "With DEKRA Rail I have a partner who engages in the conversation, thinks along with you, and is proactive in the market. That is a big difference with other NoBo’s that tend to be more authoritarian." Jean-Paul: "The other day, when a tender had to be completed by TuMotus, I called them on the phone about it. My request was picked up right away, without any difficulties. That is how a good partnership works: hands-on working as one team without the hassle about formalities. That proactivity is a two-way street."

October 2018

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