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Infrastructure AMs and maintainers

vision on infrastructure

Infrastructure for train, tram and metro requires a lot of maintenance. It is very much in your interest to minimise the costs of maintenance and the impact of maintenance on the timetable. But there are many choices you need to make for this. Which systems can be best applied?

Depending on the situation the asset manager can opt to carry out the maintenance independently or leave this to a maintenance contractor. This choice has many implications for the possibilities for optimising performance. How do you gather the best condition information and who actually needs this? Which condition actually needs to be assessed for optimum management of the maintenance processes?

What, in fact, are the influencing factors for the speed with which your infrastructure systems wear and degrade? And how can you affect that speed by choosing the right materials and maintenance methods?

As well as the infrastructure performance you are often also responsible for the track environment and safety. Which measures need to be taken to ensure you have a quiet track and to prevent autumn slipperiness due to leaves on the line? What is the effect of the measures proposed to you by suppliers? DEKRA Rail helps you select the right measures and ascertain the effect.


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