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Asset Insights

Niet-destructief onderzoek aan treinwiel

Asset managers and asset maintainers who want to improve their maintenance process or their system design have come to the right people. Under Asset Insights, we compile the activities that allow us to help these customers improve the performance of their rail assets.

Condition management is the key to better performance and cost control.

Rail, tram and metro companies are faced with big challenges. There is a demand for higher performance and cost effectiveness and the pressure on the rail network and equipment is increasing without large-scale expansion. This leads to even more intensive use and the maintenance demands are becoming even more challenging. This calls for innovative solutions.

Every asset manager knows that their performance and costs are determined by the condition of their rail fixed assets. Professional asset management is, therefore, crucial for your position in the market. DEKRA Rail understands the conditions under which you use your assets. This knowledge is available to you as a professional service under Asset Insights.

The condition of the asset and the performance of the processes for you as asset manager are our central focus throughout. DEKRA Rail’s condition management assures you of optimum cost control and enhanced performance.

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