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Admittance tests for rail vehicles

performing measurements

Before a new or modified train can be admitted to a national rail network, it must be tested in accordance with national regulations. Does the entire train, every subsystem and component meet the construction requirements, the European TSI requirements or the national rail vehicle requirements (such as the RIS in the Netherlands)?

No matter how small, large, simple or complicated the tests to be performed are, DEKRA Rail helps to prepare (test specifications and test program), manage and execute the specific tests.

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Which tests are required?

Which test program is necessary for admittance depends on different circumstances. Is it, for example, a new train or was the train already admitted before? Does the train already have TSI certificates? Is the train admitted in other countries? All these aspects affect the choice of tests that are necessary for admittance in the intended operating country. The specifications of these tests are coordinated together with the customer and, when required, with the National Safety Authority (NSA, e.g. in the Netherlands: ILT).

passing train

For national admission of train equipment in the Netherlands, the following measurements are often carried out:

  • EMC and related tests
    • Interference currents
    • Human exposure
    • Influence on axle counters
    • Emission of electromagnetic fields
  • Train-Track-Integration tests for ETCS
  • Pantograph testing
    • Uplift force on the overhead line, measured in the train
    • Uplift displacement of the overhead line, measured in the portal
  • Track short circuit tests
  • Aerodynamic tests

We are also experienced in 1) type test measurements in accordance with the Loc & Pas TSI and TSI Noise and 2) measurements for the admission of trams and metro vehicles.

In case there are tests that we cannot carry out ourselves, we engage our partners.

Our expertise from A to Z: from specification to report

  • Determine which measurements are exactly needed (parameters and scenarios)
  • Obtain the derogation for carrying out the test runs
  • Prepare the measurement program
  • Involve stakeholders
    • Experts from the customer
    • The safety authority (NSA)
    • Safety personnel on the train and along the track
    • If necessary, an operator for carrying out the test drives
  • Organize and prepare the test campaign
  • For tests where accreditation is required, we organize the witnessing by the DeBo
  • Collection of all measurement data during the admission test runs
  • Process and analyze the measurement data and draw up a measurement report for the customer's admission file.


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