10 Reasons why: working at DEKRA Rail

Every day, the technical specialists at DEKRA Rail are committed to supporting our clients in the optimization of their rail asset performance and the safe and cost-effective organization of their processes. Professionals who are passionate about their specialist field and who can convert their wealth of experience and expertise into specific and realistic solutions. From strategic advice to practical support for lab and field measurements. DEKRA Rail in Utrecht employs more than 80 team members, all passionate about their jobs, with a flexible attitude and a thirst for a challenge. We are very proud of our team. In order to be a good employer and continue to be a good employer, we invest in our people. We create a pleasant work environment, to ensure that team members like coming to work. In this blog, we share the 10 main reasons for working at DEKRA Rail.

Work at DEKRA Rail

10 reasons to work at DEKRA Rail
What makes working at DEKRA Rail so interesting? Who better to ask than the team members themselves. We talked to them and compiled a list of 10 reasons together. We hope this list provides a good overview of our organization and convinces prospective candidates to apply for a job at DEKRA Rail.

1. Great community involvement
Our DEKRA Rail professionals enjoy their work because it is genuinely useful and meaningful. After all, you are contributing to the safety and reliability of trains, trams and metros that transport thousands of passengers in the most sustainable manner every day. It follows that these work activities have significant social relevance.

2. Prominent clients
DEKRA Rail works for interesting rail organizations with challenging issues. ProRail and NS have been our biggest clients from the start, but the client portfolio has grown considerably over the last few years, with tram and metro companies, contractors and industry. Our work for international clients is also on the rise. For instance, we are an important partner of Alstom for the implementation of the new ICNG (Intercity Nieuwe Generatie, Intercity New Generation) trains and in the rollout of ERTMS in Sweden. We are also contributing to the creation of one of the largest infrastructure projects in the Netherlands: Zuidasdok.

3. Challenges aplenty
Thanks to our client diversity and the specific issues they deal with, our work presents many challenges. We work closely together every day on interesting and diverse assignments. Not one day is the same! Each project team consists of different people and skills. We research, discover and use our creativity to arrive at the best solution in the end.

4. Knowledge-intensive organization
DEKRA Rail employs super specialists with a wealth of knowledge and experience. Experts that are unique in the Netherlands and maybe even the world. Rail professionals who have been in the trade for a long time, sometimes even more than 30 years, and whom our clients ask for by name. Our knowledge, skills and competencies help rail organizations to understand and optimize their asset behaviour. The specific knowledge of our rail professionals is kept up to date by way of courses and in-house knowledge sessions. New team members are meticulously instructed and mentored so that they too can develop as a knowledge expert.

5. Personal development
DEKRA is a multidisciplinary business with many opportunities for personal development. For example, each team member reflects on his or her personal development once a year, and a personal development plan is drawn up. What’s more, we make time to focus on your development, so that you are never finished learning! And because DEKRA is a large organization, there are collaboration opportunities with colleagues across the world as well as (international) career development.

6. Teamwork: bundling expertise
Often, you will work with people from different disciplines, both at the client’s location and within DEKRA. Open, professional and result-oriented contact with these people is an important part of your work. You are operating in the interface between technology, people and organization. Virtually every assignment DEKRA Rail works on is part of a bigger project.

7. Independence and autonomy
As a DEKRA employee, you will be working both independently and as part of a team. For upgrading processes, your task is yours alone, with a lot of responsibility. But we also highly value flexibility and autonomy. Everyone organizes and schedules their own working days: whether you work at the office, at the client’s location or from home if this is the arrangement.

8. International work environment
DEKRA tempts you out of your comfort zone! We encourage everyone to think and act outside of his or her frame of reference. This will enhance your skills and competencies. DEKRA offers technical specialists a motivating work environment with opportunities in your own country and throughout Europe. Our foundations span the length and breadth of the rail market, but we are also regularly and successfully active in other sectors.

9. Fun!
Work hard, play hard! At DEKRA, we feel it is important to do nice things together and there is a real focus on this. How about participating in a company volleyball tournament, ringing in the summer with a fun food market, or visiting interesting trade fairs and congresses together.

10. The best colleagues
Last but not least: DEKRA Rail can offer you great colleagues with a shared (rail) passion. A pleasant work environment with a lot of team spirit.

Working at DEKRA Rail
In other words: a job at DEKRA Rail can offer you great (international) projects, amazing colleagues, interesting technical challenges, development, knowledge and fun! Does this appeal to you? Then take a look at our current vacancies and contact us.

June 2019

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